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Relocation Bill Services Bangalore

Relocation Bill Services                                                       

Real Packers and Movers Relocation Bill is a critical service for businesses. This service ensures that every client will have detailed Relocation Bill from Real Packers and Movers.  The service helps build your confidence in their service ensuring you have 100% visibility of the relocation cost at the same time.

As leading packers and movers service provider, Real Packers and Movers ensures that their service is completely transparent for your confidence and that even if you lose your Relocation Bill while relocating, you can rely on Real Packers and Movers to issue a duly signed copy of your original bill for claim.

Loss of Relocation Bill

There are times when you lose your relocation bill during the move. With all the mess and stress of moving, it is easy to have your bill misplaced and finding it even harder.  You do not have to worry, however. If you ever lose your relocation bill, this Relocation Service will solve your problem by guiding you on how to avail original bills.

You can also get all the supporting documents you need to get original relocation bills. Through Relocation Bill service, you can have 100% verified and original relocation bill. This comes with complete set of needed documents needed for relocation bill claim. This will be quick and safe billing process giving you 100% confidence in the service.

Packers and Movers Bill for Claim

Real Packers and Movers make sure to provide you safe and reliable bill for claim for your company. Using the bill for claim, you can compensate your company for the moving charges for your relocation. When you lose your relocation bill, simply use this Relocation Bill service to get a claim for bill in your organization or company.

Invoice or Bill Copy

The invoice copy is the second copy of your relocation bill for reimbursement. This contains information such as packing and moving cost, loading and unloading cost, transportation cost, insurance charges, service tax and other charges based on the weight and volume of the items you wish to move.

Money Receipt

The third copy of the bills payment, which is often given after receiving payment upon completion of work. The consigner then gives the money receipt. Either the payment for the relocation service is given full to the packers or you may keep some money to pay at delivery or the unloading point.

Items List

The items list is an important document for relocation bills for claim. It is a document necessary for submitting claim from your company. The items list keeps all the important details regarding the items or goods you wish to move. The items list may also include the value of the particular goods, which is useful in transit insurance.

In addition to invoice copy, money receipt and items list, other important items for Relocations Bill for Claim includes driver copy/consignor copy, quotation copy and service tax certificate. With these documents and our Relocations Bill service, you can still claim for reimbursement from your company even if you lost your relocations bills.



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